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2010 Spring WPK Magazine…

click for bigger pix!

Credits to daum and chiara@soompi
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Wow! Though I haven’t got the chance to see it myself, but most fans said the performance was a blast with soooooo many people went to the rave!

With exams are coming…. these pics really fired me up to study harder so I can further my studies in Tokyo in future! For the sake of C.N.Blue!!! Yeah!!! I’m coming!!!

YongHwa… =)

JongHyun… =)



the band performing..

Credits to: cnblue.jp

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after the release of the MV yesterday… this is the ‘white version’ of black soshi…

click for bigger pix!

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Here are the eye candies!!!

Click for bigger pictures… =)

Source: The Suit House
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These are selcas of C.N.Blue… well, some of them are during their days in Japan…

MinHyuk!!! So cute~ melting ^_^


can i have some??? pwweeeeezzzz!!!


JongHyun ah… look here, will you!

ah… YongHwa… JungShin, too? =)

hmm… me too… all of a sudden, feeling hungry…

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[SelCa] C.N.Blue

well, as I’m very much interested in these guys… I found these pix out of nowhere… still I wanna post it up! Though it probably from millions years ago… =)




MinHyuk and JongHyun!

YongHwa and JungShin! Look at their eyes!!! ~melt… ^_^

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Girls’ Generation Black Soshi group photo!

and click for bigger version!

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